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Countering Violent Extremism Programming

Countries across the world are fighting a growing threat of violent extremism. Many have begun implementing Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) interventions to prevent or divert individuals from radicalizing to violence. Such CVE interventions run the gamut from large-scale government counterterrorism operations to smaller-scale online and counter-messaging campaigns. Progress Humanity works with the countries leading experts in this field.


Counter-Disinformation Programming

Fake news, misinformation, polarization, propaganda and shrinking spaces- modern journalism is under threat. Our biggest most trusted tool “facts” seem to be failing. When facts and fact checking alone are not enough what else can be done to turn the tide? As targets of state-sponsored or hate-group online trolling, journalists and civil society actors face intimidation and lack the proper tools, knowledge, or support mechanisms that can help them fight back.



Media Programming

Our team of experienced programers are very people oriented. Progress Humanity has been creating multimedia broadcast and streaming productions that combine text with sounds, pictures, graphics, video-clips, virtual reality and digital animation for both traditional television as well as streaming platforms.

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Strategic Communications

Our team will outline communications to your organization's objectives. This plan is deliberate with messages and tactics used to help engage employees with your strategy and fuel performance success for your organization.  Whether your communications strategy is designed for a specific project or for the same period as your organizational strategy. We will establish your companies objectives, audiences, messages, tools and activities, resources, timescales, evaluations and amendments.


Advanced Analytics and Planning

Progress Humanity initiatives combine advanced computing technology with international communications programs to prevent conflict. The results are then shared with the public and policymakers. Our team uses data driving advance base assessments, scientific principles of inquire and behavioral science from our wide network of expert data scientists.


Monitoring and Evaluation Polling

Equipped with rich data, we implement politically-smart projects that lead to sustainable results. We continually evaluate our work to holistically take stock of program successes and identify areas for improvement. Our comprehensive monitoring, evaluation and learning efforts lead to sustainable development outcomes and ensures accountability to funders and in-country partners.


Scalable Portfolio Management

Track investment exposures and risk with comprehensive and accurate information. Access all portfolio, trading and credit information in a single application. Integrate 3rd Party Data. Unified Data. Data Management. Streamline Processes. Cloud-Based Architecture.

Advanced Economic and Geo-political Fore

Advanced Economic and   Geo-political Forecasting

Our professionals perform deep dives of cross-border political dynamics, regional and global relationships, government policies and programs, and regulatory regimes to develop potential scenarios that model alternative futures and the impacts of geopolitical events on your business, supply chains, investments, or assets.

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