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Delegations by Design

We can help you bring experts in the non-political/humanitarian fields you need innovation and attention on.

Will also bring a couple of established journalists to help to mirror media coverage in the United States and bring special attention to the Dynamic Delegation we put together.

Furthermore, we will include a 1-3 people from the Progress Humanity production team to capture the best moments and help push the footage onto major multi-media platforms as well as social media platforms. 


Dynamic Delegation Requests 


Do you have travel dates for the delegation in mind?
Do you have an event or other cause you want the delegatioin to highlight?
Thanks for submitting a Dynamic Delegation request form

Dynamic Delegations

Are you looking to put together a delegation of American representatives to visit your country? If so, please consider letting Progress Humanity help you create a 'Dynamic Delegation.'

To us, a Dynamic Delegation takes all the goals of the ultimate delegation and helps to put them all together in one exclusive group, which fuels both the group energy and media attention!

No dynamic delegation is the same. We will listen to your ideas and promotional needs to help you decide which experts to invite and host in your country on our delegation. 

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