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An international music video montage

The following list of countries already have an artist that we have a submission for 'Let it Be' from. 

If your country is listed below and you do not already know the artist we are working with, please contact us so we can loop you into the media planning.

  • Germany

  • Ireland

  • Jordan

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Morocco

  • Slovenia

Progress Humanity wants to provide a platform for artists to use their voice and influence in the world to bring a message of hope and unity during these testing times. Social Distancing has a become a new reality of our daily lives. Our message is to remind ourselves not to grow more distant from one another, but to bring us closer together as one world, sharing a common bond.

Progress Humanity is producing a music video montage cover of the famous Beatles hit song, "Let it Be."  We think audiences around the world will enjoy seeing their favorite artists sing it. 

Participation is free. Benefits include:

  • A coordinated international release of 'Let it Be' across mainstream and social media platforms.

  • Our 'Let it Be' video will be promoted via a virtual press conference to be held at the National Press Club in Washington DC. Embassies with all participating artists will be invited to participate and included in the launch planning.

  • The launch will be announced via a press release, give basic details about the project approximately one week before the event.

Please join in this congregation to bring a message of hope and reborn unity! Please feel free to contact us with questions.


If you have talent from your country that you would like to nominate to be a featured performer representative from your country, please submit a contact form below. A member of our production team will get back to you (usually within 48 hours) to confirm we are holding a spot for an artist from your country.

Page Hamilton from the rock band, "Helmet" along with various artists cover the legendary Beatles song for peace. Produced by Progress Humanity.


Thank you for submitting a request to hold a spot in 'Let it Be'
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