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Why Not U

Performance Suggestions

Questions & Answers

Question: How many performers are you looking for?

Answer: We are looking to have one international performer on each episode of 'Why Not U'

We have already filled three slots; we have five international performance slots remaining for season 1. 

Question: How many episodes are in your first season?

Answer: There are eight episodes in season one of Why Not U

Question: How will the performance be presented as it is being filmed on Zoom?

Answer: To ensure the highest quality performance to the audience, performers that we choose for the show will pre-tape their performance and send it in to our producer ahead of the live show taping.


Question: Does the embassy/performer get spots in the audience during the show?

Answer: Yes, during the live show, we will reserve zoom audience spots for 

1. One Embassy representative

2. The performer(s)

3. One guest spot for the performer's friends or family.

This way, the host maybe able to refer to and interact with the artist once their (pre-taped) performance has been played for the Zoom audience. 

Question: What language must the musical performance be in? 

Answer: We ask for the performance to be partially in English, while the majority of it can be in your native language, if other than English. 

Question: What type of music performance are you looking for?

Answer: We are open to the music style. Please showcase your interesting, special instruments, too! We are picking performers based on what we think will resonate well with American audiences. 

Question: What is the initial submission deadline? How many people are you taking?

Answer: We plan to close the first round of submissions for Why Not U on March 15, 2021.

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