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Progress Humanity is producing a new show called "Why Not U".

Why Not U is a show that gives the audience insider information on how to build a successful career in the entertainment industry, globally. The guests we interview on the show are leading experts in their fields. Each one has worked on Grammy, Oscar, Emmy nominated productions that you will recognize. 

Progress Humanity created this show in order to promote our philosophy, that local economic development programs require true multi-media experts to design and support the product launches that develop from those programs. We have gathered support from some of the biggest production and distribution names in entertainment to help advise and share with the audience the techniques they use that make them leaders in their field. How did they get their jobs? What are the opportunities they see for people trying to break into the industry from abroad? What are some of the challenges they face? Why Not U gives the audience the tools they need to launch a product into the world market, or a career in the entertainment industry. 

Why Not U also provides a platform for artists to amplify their profiles within the United States, by performing on the show. Why Not U is exclusively featured on Sling TV, which boasts a streaming television audience of 3 million paid subscribers across the United States and Puerto Rico. 

Why Not U is filmed 'live to tape' which means we film the show in front of a select, live audience. Then we edit the show and release it on Sling TV.

In addition to the opportunity to perform on Why Not U, Progress Humanity has left spaces in every live show taping for audience members. The benefits of being a member of the live audience is the opportunity for the students or influencer's name, on camera image (we film via Zoom right now) country of residence and social media handle to be included in the show. This can happen from being featured in simple audience reaction shots to having your question asked and answered by the show's guest. For example, a writer or producer in the audience might want to ask a question to our show guest, Tracy Torme, about his experience writing for Saturday Night Live. There will be many questions for Rick Marker, who has spent his career selling the biggest American television shows; most recently as the Vice President of Warner Brothers Television distribution. He is going to explain to the audience "How to sell a TV show."

We would like your audience referrals and performance submissions. Progress Humanity is making participation in this program cost nothing, because we deeply believe that there are a lot of talented, compelling people abroad who deserve the chance to make a career on the world's stage. We understand that success and fame isn't always reliant on talent but also of opportunity and access. We will uplift lesser-known talent by helping them to promote and distribute their materials in the United States. In doing so, we will inevitably increase cultural and economic opportunities for the country, the United States and the participants referred.

Filming a Music Video

Is there an artist from your country that you believe would do well within the United States market if given the right opportunity? If so, we ask for your suggestions so that we may consider them to be featured on 'Why Not U'

Do you have an influencer in your country that would benefit from being in our live audience? A film maker? A top film student? A musician looking to expand their audience to the USA? 

We are now accepting audience suggestions to participate in one of eight episodes of the first season of 'Why Not U' 

Video Conference
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