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Fireplace Flow


The Yule Log on TV

is famous for warming hearts around the globe since it first aired in 1966

Branded Integration

Do you have a fireplace in your embassy? We are looking for some 'famous fireplaces' to put on a new channel dedicated to fireplaces, all year long.

The repercussions of Covid-19 include many more people are streaming more television at home. Some of your favorite moments in life right might just be in your living room. To add to that experience, now you can chrome cast your favorite interactive fireplaces.

The "Fireplace Flow" is a channel that transitions or 'flows' fireplaces being shown, in the Yule Log fashion. Your shot of the fireplace will be on-demand to our viewers to loop for 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on programming needs.  Your fireplace will also be offered On-Demand for subscribers.


The branded integration of each fireplace will ignite your embassy with easy ways to deliver messaging and co-branded call-to-actions. Embassy participants will create a short introduction to the fireplace with an embassy spokesperson host. This will be edited into the Pre-Roll integration during the Broadcast as well as On-Demand on our Fireplace Flow YouTube channel. This makes it easy to promote tourism in your country or highlight other opportunities to participate in cultural events promoted by your embassy. 

Fireplace Flow offers brand identity exposure through digital activation. We believe that truly effective work is meaningful, memorable and iconic. Above all, it makes people feel something, gets them talking, and delivers a positive impact, both socially and commercially.  

Participating is easy - We don't need 30 minutes of tape of your fireplace. We just need 5 minutes of a steady shot of your embassy fireplace. Once we film the short clip, we will loop the clip at our production studio.  For On-Camera host integration please contact us for more information on filming requirements.  Pre-Produced 30 second and 1 minute spots will be excepted as well for channel integration. 


You should dress your fireplace mantle to put out the messages you want promote - display things that are special from your country or lifestyle on the mantel like, foods, products, flowers or anything that is non-controversial. We will note on the screen before and after, which "CONTRIBUTOR" the fireplace is from and the social media @ handle you want us to list. 


Embassy fireplaces will be aired mixed in with celebrity fireplaces.  


If you would like to submit a 1-2 minute fireplace loop to be included on Fireplace Flow, please submit a form here.


If you have questions, please email Executive Producer, Chad Bardon:

Submit here to be featured on Fireplace Flow

Thanks for submitting to Fireplace Flow!
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